A Creole Mustard Created by Those
With a Love For Flavor

As a longtime New Orleans resident  and a seasoned chef right here in the
Crescent City, experiencing fine cuisine and experimenting with recipes is
naturally one of my favorite pastimes.

My partner Lucy and I have been long time fans of using
Creole mustard in
many of our favorite recipes.  Many years ago I came across a recipe for Creole
Mustard and decided to try it.  I then began "tweaking" the recipe to improve its
flavor.  I experimented with different spices and methods of "cooking" the
mustard.  When I finally got it to a point where I was satisfied with its flavor, I
let friends taste it.  They all wanted their own jar and it soon became popular
among locals in the French Quarter.

Over the years, I continued to alter ingredients until now as I feel it is as close to
perfect as it can be!  I still make the Mustard by hand in small batches.  Our
friends and devotees of the Mustard encouraged Lucy & I to market it beyond
our small circle of friends.  We finally decided to do it and Scratchmo's was
born!  It truly does have both a sweet and spicy flavor and is wonderful on
cheese, meats, pretzels and fruit.  We love it as a marinade for chicken, pork,
fish and steaks.  It's fantastic on sandwiches and is an easy way to add Creole
flavor to your favorite recipe.

In case you're wondering about the name, there's a story behind that as well.  A
few years ago I was a member of a French Quarter Pool League and  I
nicknamed the team the "Scratchmo's".  When Lucy and I were searching for a
name for the Mustard we thought Scratchmo's was perfect because we love
Louis Armstrong and the Mustard is made from scratch!

Lucy and I hope you enjoy Scratchmo's as much as we do.  We'll keep making
it, so you can keep enjoying it.

Mark Page